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data example thumbnail: cores collected along the end of the Mississippi Fan
Location of some of the cores collected along the edge of the Mississippi Fan. 

cores overview

Field Descriptions
Visual Summary
Textural Data
Core ArcView Shapefile

Field Descriptions

During the second leg of the cruise 67 cores were collected; 20 in the western SeaMARC 1A survey area, 9 along the base of the Florida Escarpment, and 38 in the area of the eastern survey. A listing of core locations, depths, and lengths is provided here in two formats: an HTML page and an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Cores were split, described, and sampled at sea except for those that were stored for future geotechnical analyses. These field descriptions have been scanned and are included on this CD-ROM.  They may be accessed by clicking the checkmark icon in the column labeled Field Description from the HTML formatted core listing.

Visual Summary

Of the 67 collected cores, 43 of the cores were later described as part of the post-cruise analysis.  These descriptions are also available from the HTML formatted page, and may be viewed by clicking the checkmark icon in the column labeled Visual Summary.   Of these 43 cores, parts of 16 were x-rayed.  Where appropriate, the x-rayed section of the core is highlighted in yellow on the visual summary descriptions.  A reduced and enhanced version of the x-ray is available for viewing by clicking the yellow box in the legend area of the visual summary.  The ehanced and reduced x-rays are available in 72dpi GIF files, and are stored in directory: data/cores/xrays.  Links to 300dpi unenhanced and unreduced x-rays are available from the reduced x-ray page.  These full-resolution images are stored in directory: data/cores/x-rays/300dpi.

Textural Data

Samples were taken from 34 of the cores.  The sedimentologic results of the samples have been summarized and are available here in two formats: an HTML formatted page, and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  The mean grain size, in phi units, is shown in red on the visual summaries to integrate the textural data with the descriptions.

Core shapefile

An ArcView shapefile showing the location of the collected cores is also available.  Core attributes available in the file include core id, latitude, longitude, sample depth and core length.  If you wish to copy the ArcView shape files to disk, please note that you must copy all the listed files to the same directory.  A zip file containing all the shapefile components is also available.

For cores that have a visual summary available, a hotlink has been created from the shapefile to the visual summary image.  See the Visual Summary paragraph above for a description of this information.  These images may be viewed by selecting the hyperlink (thunderbolt icon) icon from ArcView, then clicking on a specific core location.  If a visual summary is available for that core, the image will be displayed in a separate window.

Farn90-4 cores
Layer Name - Description ArcView Shapefiles
cores- location of cores collected during R/V FARNELLA 90-4 cruise
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zip file
Directory: data/cores

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