U.S. Geological Survey

pick_sw: A Program for Interactive Picking of S-Wave Refraction Data

By Karl J. Ellefsen

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-0020

Version 1.0

Program 'pick_sw' is used to interactively pick travel times from s-wave refraction data. In addition, the seismograms, the travel times, and the spread can be plotted on the computer screen or printed, in postscript format, in a file. The program is written in the IDL programming language, and it is executed, in command-line mode, within the IDL program. The IDL program must be run from an X-window terminal that is connected to a computer with the Unix operating system. The data must be in the SU format.

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Download archive file containing all program, documentation, and sample files (TAR format) (4.6 MB)

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