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Water-Quality and Water-Level Data for a Freshwater Tidal Wetland, West Branch Canal Creek, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, October 1998–September 1999

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-282

By Tracey A. Spencer, Lisa D. Olsen, Michelle M. Lorah, and Mastin M. Mount

This report is available as a pdf.


This report presents water-quality data for ground-water and surface-water samples and water-level data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey from October 1998 through September 1999 at West Branch Canal Creek, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The report also provides a description of the sampling and analytical methods that were used to collect and analyze the samples, and includes an evaluation of the quality-assurance data.

The ground-water sampling network includes 88 wells or piezometers, including four 2-inch wells, two 4-inch wells, thirty 0.75-inch piezo-meters, and fifty-two 0.25-inch piezometers. Water levels were measured in 105 wells or piezometers. Surface-water samples were collected at five sites.

Samples were collected from wells and 0.75-inch piezometers for measurement of field parameters, and analysis of inorganic and organic constituents during three sampling rounds: March, May through June, and July through August of 1999. Inorganic constituents and organic constituents were analyzed in samples collected from 0.25-inch piezometers during three sampling rounds in February through March, May, and September of 1999. Water levels were measured in October and November of 1998, and in February and May of 1999. Surface-water samples were collected between February and August of 1999 for analysis of organic constituents.

Table of Contents



Purpose and scope

Site history

Description of study area

Site investigations

Previous investigations

Current investigations


Methods of investigation

Ground-water and surface-water sampling networks

Piezometer network

0.75-inch drive-point piezometers

0.25-inch piezo 6

Porous-membrane sampling devices (peepers)

Surface-water sites

Ground-water and surface-water sampling methods

Piezometer sampling methods

0.75-inch drive-point piezometer sampling methods

0.25-inch piezometer sampling methods

Porous-membrane sampling device (peeper) sampling methods

Surface-water sampling methods

Ground-water and surface-water analytical methods

Field measurements

Redox analyses

Inorganic analyses

Organic analyses

Water-level measurement methods

Quality-assurance methods 11

Sampling and quality-assurance data

Ground-water data from wells and piezometers

Field measurements and redox constituents for well and piezometer samples

Inorganic constituents for well and piezometer samples

Organic constituents for well and piezometer samples

Ground-water porous-membrane sampling device (peeper) data

Redox parameters for porous-membrane sampling devices (peepers)

Organic constituents for porous-membrane sampling devices (peepers)

Surface-water sampling da 16

Water-level data


References cited


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