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Bottom Photographs Help Page

The bottom photographs are displayed on individual pages for each station.  A thumbnail version (200 pixels wide) of the image is displayed for each of the station photos and each page will have from 1 to 6 photos displayed.  When clicking on the thumbnail image, a new browser window will open with an intermediate sized (800 pixels wide) version of the image.

To view the full resolution image, which may be as large a 2200 pixels by 2400 pixels high, click the image size displayed under the thumbnail image.  The image will be displayed in a new browser window.  Please note that some web browsers cannot handle the full resolution images and may not properly load for viewing.  This is why we have included intermediate sized images.  If a portion of the image appears to have been distorted or corrupted, we suggest you view the image using an image software package.

A navigation bar above the table of photos has been included and an example is shown below.  Clicking on the labeled tabs will have the following affect.

Back to previous station photographsTo photograph index listingTo next station photographsReturn to OFR01-145 homepageHelp for accessing the photos from this page.  NOTE: this will bring up the help information in a new browser window.
PREVIOUS - Will take you to the bottom photos for the station listed previous to the current page.

INDEX - Will take you to the station index listing.

NEXT - Will take you to the bottom photos for the station listed next to the current page.

OFR 01-154 - This link will take you to the home page of this report.

HELP - Will display this overview page.

Contact: V.F. Paskevich
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