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  U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-154

Cruise Report - R/V Gosnold 12


Bottom sampling and photography


To Gulf of Maine along the Maine Coast and Central Gulf of Maine between Georges Bank and Cape Cod. Filling in the gaps in Wigley's sample grid.



2 May 0915 - 7 May 1210, 1963



K. O. Emery
Jobst Hulsemann
James Trumbull
R. M. Pratt
Dick Tagg
Dave Owen - camera
C. M. de Punti - photography


  • Big bucket (Campbell grab) bottom sampler

  • single-shot bottom camera with black-and-white film.


1011 - 1052


The big bucket worked well but in course material considerable washing took place. Sharpening the cutting edge should improve this. Pictures taken with every lowering. The camera worked but pictures are of only marginal usefulness. The developing at the end of the trip seemed to be O.K. but the camera just didn't function at times. Shaker table with the new screen worked well. The general handling of equipment and samples on board ship worked out very well. Three plankton tows were made. The system of hanging a block off the cherry picker to lead out the plankton net worked well. As a whole the trip went off very well with ship and crew and scientists working well together and up to our best expectations. Echo soundings were taken on station and combined with loran navigation. The RCA loran proved its worthiness. However, no systematic navigation and sounding watches were established primarily because most fixes were land bearings taken by the bridge.


2 May - 0915 Departed Woods Hole and headed out into Nantucket Sound. First sample taken between Falmouth and East Chop. Light rain. Proceeded up the east side of Cape Cod. Rain and moderate swell. Night run from Cape Cod to Cape Ann.

3 May - First station at 0600. Everybody up and working. Clear sunny day with only a low swell. Samples taken up the coast from Rockport, Mass. to Portland, Maine. Big Bucket worked well but the camera gave only marginal results. Hove to for the night off Portland Light Ship.

4 May - Sample line taken up the Maine Coast continuing the 3 May work. In sight of land all the time - excellent weather, sunny skies. Headed up the coast to the Bay of Fundy during the night.

5 May - First Sample (1036) taken at 0618 in the entrance to the Bay of Fundy. Worked back down the coast to where we left off on 4 May. Clear bright weather and excellent working conditions. In sight of land all the time including Mt. Desert Island and Mt. Desert Rock. Headed south to middle of the Gulf of Maine during the night.

6 May - Sampled the deep basin. Central Gulf of Maine between Georges Bank and Cape Cod. Working toward Cape Cod. 1916 finished last sample and plankton tow and headed for Woods Hole. Some fog during the day.

7 May - Delayed by fog at entrance to Pollock Rip for about 5 hours during the night. Headed through Pollock Rip in the morning and docked at Woods Hole at 1210 after an uneventful trip up Nantucket Sound. Considerable fog and wind.


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