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  U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-154

Cruise Report - R/V Gosnold 22


To complete sampling pattern on Georges Bank, off Nova Scotia, and in Bay of Fundy


Gulf of Maine



0830 August 5 to 1600 August 17, 1963



K. O. Emery (WHOI, in charge)
Robert Brody (USGS)
Don Casey (USGS)
Arthur Merrill (BCF)
James Trumbull (USGS)
Martin Weiss (NODC)


  • Campbell grab with camera

  • Plankton hauls

  • Secchi

  • color


1100 - 1208


Worked: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 August 
In port: 12 August
Waiting out storm: 13, 14, 15 August


5 August (0830) to 10 August (0700).  Completed stations 1100 through 1157 filling in most of the gaps in pattern atop Georges Bank and sampling seaward half of shelf off Nova Scotia. Because of hurricane warnings (Arleen) and because of limited supply of lube oil we decided to leave offshore Nova Scotia for a few days.

10 August to 11 August (2200).  Completed sample pattern in Bay of Fundy (samples 1158 through 1180) and started toward Rockland, Maine.

11 August (2200) to 13 August (2200). Proceeded to Rockland, lying off dockside from 12 August (1000) to 13 August (0600). Ship was refueled, re-oiled, had radar and electric steering repaired by men from WHOI via helicourier. Left Rockland for Nova Scotia, taking two samples en route (total samples for period - 1181 through 1183).

13 August (2200) to 15 August (2200). Gale warnings from Boston and elsewhere plus 40-knot winds required a second abandonment of the sampling program off Nova Scotia. Ran to Machias Bay where we lay at anchor from 0630 on 14 August to 0700 on 15 August. Barometer was down to 29.20". Stations 1185 and 1186 in and near Machias Bay.

15 August (2200) to 17 August (1600). Completed most of sampling program in area immediately northeast of Cape Cod. Stations 1187 through 1208. Arrived dockside at WHOI 1600 on 17 August.


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