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  U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-154

Cruise Report - R/V Gosnold 28


Bottom sampling and photography to complete sampling pattern on Northern Sheet


Continental Shelf & Slope South of New York



1053 October 3 - 0105 October 6, 1963



R.M. Pratt (Chief Scientist)
J.V. Trumbul
R.H. Meade
A.R. Tagg
T.G. Gibson (USGS, Washington, D.C.)
J.B. Pearce (MBL)


  • Campbell grab with camera

  • 3/4 M.No. 10 Plankton nec

  • BTs

  • Secchi disk

  • Forel color scale

  • Van Veen




9 Bottom samples
3 Plankton tows
Miscellaneous Echo soundings
BT casts Si misc. observations on every station

Note: The cruise was resumed after 2 days in Woods Hole as GOSNOLD VOYAGE 29.


3 October - Depart Woods Hole at 1053 after checking the radar, Loran etc. and after installing the automatic pilot. 1131 Decca men. Edwards and Barstow off on small boat. 

1436 H.T. on Station 1256 near Buzzards Bay Tower.
1730 H.T. Station 1257. Violent thunder storm with squalls delayed the next station several hours.
2230 H.T. on Station 1258.

4 October - 0127 H.T. Station 1259. Trouble developed with the trawl wire on the big winch. Decided to steam directly out to deep water to spool the wire on properly. 0615 commenced running out the wire. Much trouble getting it back on the spool. Captain and engineer finally decided sprocket idler shaft was bent and the level wind drum would have to be turned by hand. 1322 finish hauling in trawl wire and decided to go to the van Veen on hydro wire until the trawl winch could be fixed. Besides being a tedious haphazard operation, turning the level wind by hand is unduly dangerous to the personnel involved. Quite rough all morning with State 5 seas - 50 knot gusts. 1427 start plankton tow but decided not to bottom sample because we were too close to previous station and the seas were still dangerously high for handling heavy gear. The ship proceeded toward the Slope Station near Block Canyon.

1900 - HT Sta. 1261
2049 - HT Sta. 1262
2258 - HT Sta. 1263

Two blocked the van Veen and snarled the wire on the winch drum. It took about an hour to cut and re-thread the cable. Lost about 2 hundred meters of cable.

5 October - 0030 Start Station 1263 again - good sample.

0415 HT Sta. 1264
0650 HT Sta. 1265

1000 HT Sta. 1266 - Trouble with the van Veen closing, We made three attempts without it closing. On the third try the van Veen was two-blocked while bringing it aboard, the cable broke and the van Veen was lost overboard. We re-threaded cable and made a Plankton tow. No one advised using the Campbell grab on the hydro wire and having nothing left to work with we headed directly for Woods Hole, the closest port.
1230 finished Plankton tow and steamed for Woods Hole.

6 October  - Arrived in Woods Hole 0105 - tied up to dock and waited until mooring to start work on the winch.


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