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This page contains GIF thumbnail images for all the seismic profiles collected during Cruise 99SCE01. To view a full size version of the profile just click on the desired thumbnail and a full size GIF image will appear. These profiles were produced using SU software. These data were processed using a bandpass filter of 300-500-2500-3000 Hz followed by an automatic gain (AGC). However, the SEG-Y files contained on these discs are unprocessed field records. The SU processing scripts used to process these profiles are located in the SEISUNIX subfolder of the SOFTWARE folder located at the top level of the CD-ROM. These are provided for example purposes only. They may not run on every Unix or Linux platform.
NOTE: The actual SEG-Y data files are too large to fit on one CD-ROM, so we have distributed the SEG-Y data files in sequential order by complete trackline, as shown in the table below.

Note: The web version of this archive does not contain the SEG-Y Trace files. These files are very large and would require extremely long download times. To obtain the complete CD-ROM archive, contact USGS Information at (888) ASK-USGS.


NOTE: Data was not collected for tracklines 7, 8 and 9.
WARNING: The acquisition system used to collect the seismic data presented in this report, may have added 6 ms to the top of each seismic trace. However, since no bathymetric data was simultaneously collected with the seismic data we have no way of proving that the added 6 ms does exist for this data set.

FILE: sc9968_1 21317 traces:
Start of file: sc9968_1 SHOT=1 day=159 hour=15 minute=40 sec=29
__End of file: sc9968_1 SHOT=21317 day=159 hour=17 minute=9 sec=19
FILE: sc9968_2 17316 traces:
Start of file: sc9968_2 SHOT=1 day=159 hour=17 minute=10 sec=33
__End of file: sc9968_2 SHOT=17316 day=159 hour=18 minute=22 sec=41
FILE: sc9968_3 43325 traces:
Start of file: sc9968_3 SHOT=1 day=159 hour=18 minute=25 sec=19
__End of file: sc9968_3 SHOT=43325 day=159 hour=21 minute=25 sec=49
FILE: sc9968_4 6548 traces:
Start of file: sc9968_4 SHOT=1 day=159 hour=21 minute=27 sec=6
__End of file: sc9968_4 SHOT=6548 day=159 hour=21 minute=54 sec=20
FILE: sc9968_5 35779 traces:
Start of file: sc9968_5 SHOT=1 day=160 hour=12 minute=51 sec=41
__End of file: sc9968_5 SHOT=35779 day=160 hour=15 minute=20 sec=46
FILE: sc699_6 42585 traces:
Start of file: sc699_6 SHOT=1 day=160 hour=15 minute=29 sec=8
__End of file: sc699_6 SHOT=42585 day=160 hour=18 minute=26 sec=35

FILE: sc699_10 42501 traces:
Start of file: sc699_10 SHOT=1 day=160 hour=18 minute=32 sec=52
__End of file: sc699_10 SHOT=42501 day=160 hour=21 minute=29 sec=57
FILE: sc699_11 14515 traces:
Start of file: sc699_11 SHOT=1 day=161 hour=13 minute=22 sec=10
__End of file: sc699_11 SHOT=14515 day=161 hour=14 minute=22 sec=38
FILE: sc699_12 37725 traces:
Start of file: sc699_12 SHOT=1 day=161 hour=14 minute=24 sec=35
__End of file: sc699_12 SHOT=37725 day=161 hour=17 minute=1 sec=46
FILE: sc699_13 4330 traces:
Start of file: sc699_13 SHOT=1 day=161 hour=17 minute=3 sec=50
__End of file: sc699_13 SHOT=4330 day=161 hour=17 minute=21 sec=54
FILE: sc699_14 25122 traces:
Start of file: sc699_14 SHOT=1 day=161 hour=17 minute=24 sec=41
__End of file: sc699_14 SHOT=25122 day=161 hour=19 minute=9 sec=22
FILE: sc699_15 17175 traces:
Start of file: sc699_15 SHOT=1 day=161 hour=19 minute=12 sec=24
__End of file: sc699_15 SHOT=17175 day=161 hour=20 minute=24 sec=3
FILE: sc699_16 34030 traces:
Start of file: sc699_16 SHOT=1 day=161 hour=20 minute=25 sec=20
__End of file: sc699_16 SHOT=34030 day=161 hour=22 minute=47 sec=6
FILE: sc699_17 30353 traces:
Start of file: sc699_17 SHOT=1 day=164 hour=12 minute=59 sec=36
__End of file: sc699_17 SHOT=30353 day=164 hour=15 minute=6 sec=4
FILE: sc699_18 19708 traces:
Start of file: sc699_18 SHOT=1 day=164 hour=15 minute=7 sec=25
__End of file: sc699_18 SHOT=19708 day=164 hour=16 minute=29 sec=31
FILE: sc699_19 26920 traces:
Start of file: sc699_19 SHOT=1 day=164 hour=16 minute=30 sec=1
__End of file: sc699_19 SHOT=26920 day=164 hour=18 minute=22 sec=10
FILE: sc699_20 23357 traces:
Start of file: sc699_20 SHOT=1 day=164 hour=18 minute=23 sec=9
__End of file: sc699_20 SHOT=23357 day=164 hour=20 minute=0 sec=27
FILE: sc699_21 20133 traces:
Start of file: sc699_21 SHOT=1 day=164 hour=20 minute=1 sec=26
__End of file: sc699_21 SHOT=20133 day=164 hour=21 minute=25 sec=19
FILE: sc699_22 31147 traces:
Start of file: sc699_22 SHOT=1 day=165 hour=13 minute=8 sec=36
__End of file: sc699_22 SHOT=31147 day=165 hour=15 minute=18 sec=23
FILE: sc699_23 22939 traces:
Start of file: sc699_23 SHOT=1 day=165 hour=15 minute=19 sec=25
__End of file: sc699_23 SHOT=22939 day=165 hour=16 minute=55 sec=0
FILE: sc699_24 5454 traces:
Start of file: sc699_24 SHOT=1 day=165 hour=17 minute=50 sec=56
__End of file: sc699_24 SHOT=5454 day=165 hour=18 minute=14 sec=30
FILE: sc699_25 14915 traces:
Start of file: sc699_25 SHOT=1 day=165 hour=18 minute=17 sec=18
__End of file: sc699_25 SHOT=14915 day=165 hour=19 minute=19 sec=27
FILE: sc699_26 23538 traces:
Start of file: sc699_26 SHOT=1 day=165 hour=20 minute=52 sec=58
__End of file: sc699_26 SHOT=23538 day=165 hour=22 minute=31 sec=2
FILE: sc699_27 25004 traces:
Start of file: sc699_27 SHOT=1 day=166 hour=13 minute=10 sec=59
__End of file: sc699_27 SHOT=25004 day=166 hour=14 minute=55 sec=11
FILE: sc699_28 4645 traces:
Start of file: sc699_28 SHOT=1 day=166 hour=16 minute=26 sec=15
__End of file: sc699_28 SHOT=4645 day=166 hour=16 minute=45 sec=36
FILE: sc699_29 8632 traces:
Start of file: sc699_29 SHOT=1 day=166 hour=18 minute=9 sec=44
__End of file: sc699_29 SHOT=8632 day=166 hour=18 minute=45 sec=42
FILE: sc699_30 13199 traces:
Start of file: sc699_30 SHOT=1 day=166 hour=19 minute=37 sec=23
__End of file: sc699_30 SHOT=13199 day=166 hour=20 minute=32 sec=22
FILE: sc699_31 10953 traces:
Start of file: sc699_31 SHOT=1 day=166 hour=21 minute=1 sec=3
__End of file: sc699_31 SHOT=10953 day=166 hour=21 minute=46 sec=41

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