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Open-File Report 01-439

User's Guide to SSARRMENU

Prepared in cooperation with the

By M.C. Mastin and Thanh Le


The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with Pierce County Department of Public Works, Washington, has developed an operational tool called the Puyallup Flood-Alert System to alert users of impending floods in the Puyallup River Basin. The system acquires and incorporates meteorological and hydrological data into the Streamflow Synthesis and Reservoir Regulation (SSARR) hydrologic flow-routing model to simulate floods in the Puyallup River Basin. SSARRMENU is the user-interactive graphical interface between the user, the input and output data, and the SSARR model. In a companion cooperative project with Pierce County, the SSARR model for the Puyallup River Basin was calibrated and validated. The calibrated model is accessed through SSARRMENU, which has been specifically programed for the Puyallup River and the needs of Pierce County. SSARRMENU automates the retrieval of data from ADAPS (Automated DAta Processing System, the U.S. Geological Survey’s real-time hydrologic database), formats the data for use with SSARR, initiates SSARR model runs, displays alerts for impending floods, and provides utilities to display the simulated and observed data. An on-screen map of the basin and a series of menu items provide the user with easy access to SSARRMENU's capabilities. SSARRMENU runs on a personal computer in a Windows NT™, version 4.0, operating environment that includes the U.S. Corps of Engineers’ distributed SSARR program, companion data management and workfile utilities, and internet connection.


Manual Overview
Getting Started
System Documentation
References Cited
Appendix A. Supplemental Information

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