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Table 1: Selected Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Projects.

Habitat Protection and Restoration
Water Quality Monitoring and Protection
Lessons on the Lake Curriculum Guide and Pontchartrain Stories Video Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Restoration Livestock Waste Lagoon Construction Bonnet Carré Diversion Reanalysis
Louisiana Children's Museum Stormwater Education Exhibit Fontainebleau State Park Shoreline Stabilization Project Livestock Waste Lagoon Cleanout Erosion and Sediment Measurement and Control Study
Land Use/Land Cover Map Poster Conservation Tree Planter Tangipahoa Regional Septic Tank Sludge Treatment Facility Study of Dead Zones Due to Algal Blooms
Lake Keepers Field Trips for North Shore Grammar Schools St. Tammany Habitat Change Map Comprehensive Water Quality Development Plan for St. Tammany South Shore Water Quality Analysis and Outfall Plume Delineation
Urban Runoff Education and Field Trips for Schools Artificial Reef Construction in Lake Pontchartrain Florida Parishes' Wastewater Technical Assistance Circuit Rider Program Effects of Shoreline Stabilization on Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) in Lake Pontchartrain
Water Watch School-based Water Quality Monitoring   Design for Nutrient Reduction for North Shore Septic Systems Ecological Landscape Modeling of the Wetlands of the Biloxi Wildlife Management Area
Project WET/LAKE Educators' Workshops   Tangipahoa Parish's Waste-Water Management Plan Bonnet Carré Spillway Opening: Nutrient and Phytoplankton Study
Wetland Field Trips for Middle and High Schools   Waste Management Program and Boat Yards Bonnet Carré Spillway Opening: Study of Environmental Conditions for Zebra Mussels
WETMAAP (Wetland Education Through Maps And Aerial Photography)   Improvement of Wastewater Infrastructure in St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes Aerial Mapping of Sediment Chemistry in Lake Pontchartrain
Bayou St. John Environmental Education Summer Program   Green Acres Sewerage System Rehabilitation Lake Pontchartrain Spatial Information Management System (SIMS)
The Green Project Urban Runoff Education for New Orleans' Students   No-till Drill Conservation Program (Soil and Water Conservation District) Northshore Beach, St. Tammany Parish Coastal and Restoration Study
Adult Education Wetland Field Program   Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting Nitrogen Budget for Lake Pontchartrain
Mile Branch Stream Restoration     Climatological and Hydrologic Conditions and Trends in the Upper Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Annual Beach Sweep Clean-up     Development of Environmental Atlas of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Production and Dissemination of Educational Materials     Assessment of Historical and Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Development

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Coastal & Marine Geology Program > Center for Coastal & Regional Marine Studies > Environmental Atlas of Lake Pontchartrain

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