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Geochemical Sediment Analysis Procedures


Turn off both cell power switches and the heater power. Turn power off; link to larger image

Unplug the electrodes and remove the titration cell.

Replace the jumper cable between the cell current outlet terminals.

Replace red jumper to outlet; link to larger image

Remove traps by untaping Teflon seals, removing connector tubes, and taking the trap out of the holding unit.

Do not remove the KOH trap until it becomes frothy -
it then needs to be disposed of and replaced with new solution.

Replace the sample vial with an empty vial.

Screw an empty vial into the cap; link to larger image

Turn off the N2 gas at the main gas valve and on the flow control knob on the heating unit.


Turn off main valve of tank; link to larger image

Turn off the water bath - set back to original temperature used for the XRD (26 degrees) - see Larry Poppe.
Make sure the source valve is closed before the return valve.

Turn off water bath; link to larger image

Dispose of chemicals in their proper waste receptacles.

KI can be rinsed down the drain with copious amounts of water.

Waste bottles

Clean all glassware with a Milli-Q water rinse.
Occasionally, you may need to clean the glassware with Chromerge (Chromic/Sulfuric Acid mixture) to remove any particles adhering to the frit.

Use a syringe to run Milli-Q water through the traps.

Chromerge in hood

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