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Geochemical Sediment Analysis Procedures, Open-File Report 02-371



Refer to manual for all questions, but for common problems see notes below:

If you are getting bad results, you may need to clean out the frits in the glassware.
Use Chromerge to clean the frits - leave it overnight, rinse thoroughly, and dry in an oven.

Chromerge to clean frits; link to larger image

Another reason for getting bad results would be old KOH in the tube. You should replace this solution once it becomes frothy.


Potassium Hydroxide; link to larger image

Check all connections and seals for leaks.

Check that all the traps are in the correct order and are connected in the correct place - always connect from the top of one trap to the thin section of the next.


Check connections for leaks; link to larger image

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