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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-372

Physical Properties of Long Island Sound Sediment Cores

by Joel Moore, Erin Galvin Gutierrez, Ellen L. Mecray, and Marilyn R. Buchholtz ten Brink


Figure 1. Map of Sedimentary Environments in Long Island SoundFigure 1. Map of Sedimentary Environments in Long Island Sound

Figure 1. Map of sedimentary environments in Long Island Sound. For larger map and more detailed discussion, see here


This report presents data on x-radiography, water content, and sediment texture from sediment cores collected in 1996 in Long Island Sound, offshore of Connecticut and New York (Figure 1). Core locations and analytical data are presented in both graphical and numerical form. The physical properties data presented here are a subset of a larger dataset consisting of results from these cores and other sediment samples. (See Poppe and others (1998) and Mecray and others (2000) for samples collected in Long Island Sound from 1996-2001 by the USGS.)

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