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Open-File Report 02–136 **Superseded**

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Preliminary Geologic Map of the Santa Barbara Coastal Plain Area, Santa Barbara County, California

By Scott A. Minor, Karl S. Kellogg, Richard G. Stanley, Paul Stone, Charles L. Powell, II, Larry D. Gurrola, Amy J. Selting and Theodore R. Brandt

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This report presents a new geologic digital map of the Santa Barbara coastal plain area at a compilation scale of 1:24,000 (one inch on the map = 2,000 feet on the ground) and with a horizontal positional accuracy of at least 20 m. This preliminary map depicts the distribution of bedrock units and surficial deposits and associated deformation underlying and adjacent to the coastal plain within the contiguous Santa Barbara and Goleta 7.5' quadrangles. A planned second version will extend the mapping westward into the adjoining Dos Pueblos Canyon quadrangle and eastward into the Carpinteria quadrangle.

Superseded on October 5, 2009

First posted July 2006

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