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 South Dakota Aeromagnetic Anomaly Maps - Higher-Resolution


These individual aeromagnetic residual anomaly grids/maps were generated using with the most representative grid interval for the flight-line spacing of the survey and maintained at the original flight altitude of the individual survey. They were then regridded to the 1000 meter interval and continued to the 1000 feet flight altitude used in the state compilation.

Select an aeromagnetic map from the list below. All maps are displayed with an illumination from the Northeast. The images were generated with a resolution to fit the screen and not with regard to original grid interval. Grids for these maps can be acquired from the data directory. For a full description of survey specifications see page Get Survey Info.

South Black Hills (0123) survey gridded at 200 m.

Lawrence County (0223) survey gridded at 200 m.

Black Hills (0612) survey gridded at 400 m.

S.W. South Dakota - E. Wyoming (4000) survey gridded at 250 m.

Standing Rock (4136) survey gridded at 250 m.

S. South Dakota (4238) survey gridded at 500 m.

Nemo (5005) survey gridded at 200 m.


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