Water Resources of Colorado


This CD-ROM contains U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-471 "Streamflow Characteristics for Selected Stations in and near the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forests, Southwestern Colorado,"

By Gerhard Kuhn.

Prepared in cooperation with the GRAND MESA, UNCOMPAHGRE, and GUNNISON NATIONAL FORESTS.

The report consists of the following components on this CD-ROM:

1. The file "USGS_OFR.02-471.PDF," which is a text document in Portable Document Format (PDF) (Adobe copyright?) describing the types and formats of the streamflow characteristics (hydrologic data) on the CD-ROM. It is advised that the user of this report initially read this document to become familiar with the types and formats of the hydrologic data. See item #5 regarding Adobe Acrobat reader that is required to view the report document PDF file.

2. A "Discharge.Data" folder (or directory) that contains the daily, monthly, and annual discharge data for 60 streamflow-gaging stations in the study area that were used in the streamflow-characteristics analyses.

3. Four folders named in reference to the four streamflow-characteristic objectives that are described in the report document PDF file. Each of the four Objective folders contains a number of Microsoft (MS) Excel files that present the results for a specific streamflow characteristic. Each Excel file generally contains a number of data tables and a hydrograph for each data table, although there are some exceptions. Again, this is described in detail in the report document PDF file. The Excel files were created with MS Excel version 2000, but may be viewed with version 97, but with some potential changes in formatting.

4. A "PDF.Hydrographs" folder that contains supplemental higher-quality hydrographs in PDF format of the streamflow-characteristic hydrographs that are provided in the MS Excel files in the four "Objectives" folders.

5. For those users of the report that do not have the Acrobat Reader (required to view PDF files and documents) installed on their computer, the file "ar505enu.exe" is provided. Double-clicking the file will begin installation of the program on the user's computer.

6. This file, ReadMe.txt."


Water Resources of Colorado

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