Baja Log Index


Common name          State well number              Available Log Types


YEMBB                                  9N/1E-4K1-3                         CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO    


YEMRR                                  9N/1E-10Q2-4                      CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO


YEMRIV                                 9N/1E-16F1-4                       CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO


MC2                                        9N/1W-12L2-5                      CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,EF,LI,CO


MC3                                        9N/1W-12N4-7                     CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,EF,LI,CO


Calico East                           9N/2E-3G6-9                         CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO


Calico West                          9N/2E-3K5-9                         CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO


NS-2                                       9N/3E-22R4-7                      CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO


CALFAN                                10N/1E-20M1-2                    CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,LI,CO


NS-1                                       10N/3E-27J1-5                        CT,NG,EP,ES,EL,EF,LI,CO



Geophysical Log Types and Codes


  Acoustic                                            AV                           Acoustic Velocity  (Sonic)


  Caliper                                                 CT                           Caliper, Three Arm


  Electric                                                ER                           Single-point Resistance 

                                                                EP                           Spontaneous Potential  (SP)

                                                                EL                           Long-normal Resistivity (Res64N)

                                                                ES                           Short-normal Resistivity (Res16N)

                                                                EF                            Focused Resistivity  (Guard)

                                                                ET                           Lateral Resistivity


  Electromagnetic                               MI                            Electromagnetic Induction (EM)


  Nuclear                                               NG                           Gamma



Other Log Types and Codes


                                                                CO                          Well Construction                                                             

                                                                 LI                            Lithologic