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Map and data for Quaternary faults and folds in Washington State

By David J. Lidke, Samuel Y. Johnson, Patricia A. McCrory, Stephen F. Personius, Alan R. Nelson, Richard L. Dart, Lee-Ann Bradley, Kathleen M. Haller, and Michael N. Machette

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-428
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Version 1.0
Published 2003
The map shows faults and folds in the state of Washington that exhibit evidence of Quaternary deformation, and includes data on timing of most recent movement, sense of movement, slip rate, and continuity of surface expression. The primary purpose of this compilation is for use in earthquake-hazard evaluations. Paleoseismic studies, which evaluate the history of surface faulting or deformation along structures with evidence of Quaternary movement, provide a long-term perspective that augments the short historic records of seismicity in many regions. Published or publicly available data are the primary sources of data used to compile this report.

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A catalog of referenced data, which includes a variety of geographic, geologic, and paleoseismic parameters for the faults and folds shown on this map, is available in the “Quaternary fault and fold database of the United States” ( The pamphlet of this Open-File Report (03-428) discusses relations of this Washington State map to the Quaternary fault and fold database of the United States. logo  Take Pride in America button