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Open-File Report 03-220
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Prepared in Collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Jilin University (Changchun Branch), Korean Institute of Geology, Mining, and Materials, and Geological Survey of Japan/AIST.

Significant Metalliferous and Selected Non-Metalliferous Lode Deposits, and Selected Placer Districts of Northeast Asia

By Sodov Ariunbileg, Gennandiy V. Biryul'kin, Jamba Byamba, Yury V. Davydov, Gunchin Dejidmaa, Elimir G. Distanov, Dangindorjiin Dorjgotov, Gennadiy N. Gamyanin, Ochir Gere, Valeriy Yu. Fridovskiy, Ayurzana Gotovsuren, Duk Hwan Hwang, Anatoliy P. Kochnev, Alexei V. Kostin, Mikhail I. Kuzmin, Sergey A. Letunov, Xujun Li, Galina D. Malceva, V.D. Melnikov, Valeriy M. Nikitin, Alexander A. Obolenskiy, Masatsugu Ogasawara, Demberel Orolmaa, Leonid M. Parfenov, Nikolay V. Popov, Andrei V. Prokopiev, Vladimir Ratkin, Sergey M. Rodionov, Zhan V. Seminskiy, Vladimir I. Shpikerman, Alexander P. Smelov, Vitaly I. Sotnikov, Alexander V. Spiridonov, Valeriy V. Stogniy, Sadahisa Sudo, Fengyue Sun, Jiapeng Sun, Weizhi Sun, Valeriy M. Supletsov, Vladimir F. Timofeev, Oleg A. Tyan, Valeriy G. Vetluzhskikh, Aihua Xi, Yakov V. Yakovlev, Hongquan Yan, Vladimir I. Zhizhin, Nikolay N. Zinchuk and Lydia M. Zorina.

Editors: Warren J. Nokleberg1, Tatiana M. Bounaeva2, Robert J. Miller1, Zhan V. Seminskiy3, and Michael F. Diggles1.


1 U.S. Geological Survey, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
2 Institute of Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia
3 Irkutsk State Technical University, Irkutsk

A Mongolian woman geologist logs part of the several thousand meters of diamond drill cores that delineated the large copper-gold deposit at the Turquoise Hill (Oyu Tolgoi) Mine in central Mongolia. Photograph courtesy of Ivanhoe Mines.


This report contains a digtial database on lode deposits and placer districts of Northeast Asia. This region includes Eastern Siberia, Russian Far East, Mongolia, Northeast China, South Korea, and Japan. In folders on this site are a detailed database, a bibliography of cited references, descriptions of mineral deposit models, and a mineral deposit location map. Data are provided for 1,674 significant lode deposits and 91 significant placer districts of the region.

index map showing northeastern Asia from 82 to 32 degrees north latitude and 75 to 144 degrees east longitude

Index map showing location of study area in northeastern Asia and adjoining areas.

Files available for downloading:

Download the ReadMe File from the CD-ROM version of this report (12 kb).

Suggested citation and version History

Download the introductory text for this report - Significant Metalliferous and Selected Non-Metalliferous Lode Deposits, and Selected Placer Districts of Northeast Asia, as a PDF file (OF03-220.pdf; 200 kb download with links to 18.8 MB of data).


The materials for this publication, including maps, tables, and articles, are stored in the following directories under the indicated file names. Articles are in Word 6 format (*.doc) and in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (*.pdf). The location map is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf). Databases are in FileMaker Pro 5 (*.fp5), Excel (*.xls), and Word 6 (.doc) formats. Reference lists are in Word 6 (.doc) format. Plain-text files are in ASCII (*.txt) format.

Go to the DATABASE folder. This directory contains the mineral deposit and placer district databases for NE Asia (13.7 MB).

Go to the LOCATION_MAP folder. This directory contains a map showing locations of lode deposits and placer districts for NE Asia with an underlying generalized geodynamics map of NE Asia and a list of geologic map units. The map is provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format (1.4 MB).

Go to the MINMOD folder. This directory contains descriptions of mineral deposit models and references for NE Asia (1 MB).

Go to the TEXT_FILES folder. This directory contains an introductory manuscript, and references for descriptions of lode deposits and placer districts (2.2 MB).

For questions about the scientific content of this report, please contact Warren Nokleberg

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