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Open-File Report 03-293

Preliminary geologic map of the San Bernardino 30' x 60' quadrangle, California

By Douglas M. Morton and Fred K. Miller


Open-File Report 03-293 is a digital geologic data set that maps and describes the geology of the San Bernardino 30' x 60' quadrangle, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties, southern California. The San Bernardino quadrangle database is one of several 30' x 60' quadrangle databases that are being produced by the Southern California Areal Mapping Project (SCAMP). These maps and databases are, in turn, part of the nation-wide digital geologic map coverage being developed by the National Cooperative Geologic Map Program of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The San Bernardino data set consists of a digital geologic map database accompanied by graphics, map plot, and explanatory files. The digital database was created using ARC/INFO, version 8.1, commercial Geographical Information System (GIS) software designed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Redlands, California ( The database includes ARC/INFO geospatial coverages and supporting SCAMP symbolsets. PostScript and 508-compliant Portable Document Format files include (1) a geologic map generated from the database, (2) a fault map, (3) a Correlation of Map Units (CMU), (4) a list of map units, (5) a sheet containing three figures, and (6) a pamphlet containing a regional geologic synthesis and a detailed Description of Map Units..

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This illustration is a .gif (GIF) non-navigable image of the USGS geologic-map plot of the San Bernardino quadrangle. A full-size, navigable map graphic can be viewed on-screen (sanbern_map.pdf) or can be plotted from the PostScript file ( Note: the full-size plot requires a large-format plotter, and is best reproduced at 600 (or greater) dpi.


File Name
File Type and Description
File Size
Text version of readme file that explains how to use the digital database
20 KB
PDF version of the readme file that explains how to use the digital database.
220 KB
 Text file of the FGDC-compliant metadata
136 KB
Compressed tar file of the digital database for this map
35 MB
Compressed (gzip) PostScript file used for plotting a paper copy of the map
9.2 MB
PDF file of the San Bernardino map  
Correlation of map units as a PDF file
1 MB
List of map units as a PDF file
604 KB
Series of three index maps as a PDF file
836 KB
Compressed (gzip) PostScript file used for plotting a paper copy of the map showing the faults 9.8 MB
PDF file of the faults map for the San Bernardino quadrangle 4.3 MB
Map pamphlet as a PDF document
24 MB

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