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Mapping the floor of Lake Mead (Nevada and Arizona): Preliminary discussion and GIS data release, USGS Open-File Report 03-320


This report has benefited from collaboration, assistance, and support from a variety of different sources. Kenneth Parolski provided all three years of technical support during field operations. The success of the program is largely due to his talents. Vessels were leased from Calville Bay Marina for the 1999 and 2001 surveys, and we acknowledge their staff for assistance during cruise mobilization and support while in the field. We also acknowledge Gail Kaiser, Las Vegas Bay Marina, for her generosity in making one of their vessels available at no cost for the 2000 survey. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Southern Nevada Water Authority each supported parts of the fieldwork and data analysis for this project. Bill Burke, Jim Koza, Jon Lee and Mark Sappington of the National Park Service, Boulder City, NV, provided either logistical support or historical data that greatly enriched the project. Ron Simms of the Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder City, NV, provided lab space, made historical photographs available, and generously made available data and GIS abilities within the Bureau. Mark Rudin, Andrew Hanson, Brenda Buck, and Jonathan Zybala from UNLV participated in various parts of the field program, and participated in lively scientific discussions. Finally, we appreciate the constructive reviews of this report by Jane Denny and Dave Foster.

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