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Near-Surface S-wave and P-wave Seismic Velocities of Primary Geological Formations on the Piedmont and Atlantic Coastal Plain of South Carolina, USA

By Jack K. Odum, Robert A. Williams, William J. Stephenson and David M. Worley

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-043

thumbnail image of velocity colums for multiple formation sites

Version 1.0

Open File Report 03-043 describes the results of a reconnaissance survey that used seismic refraction/reflection profiling techniques to acquire and determined shear-wave (VS) and compressional-wave (VP) velocities at nine locations in southeast South Carolina. The sites sampled during this survey were selected on the premise that they were generally representative of near-surface materials associated with the primary geologic units located within the Piedmont and Atlantic Coastal Plain areas of South Carolina. The near-surface velocity structure data provided within this report is of interest to the geologic and engineering communities

OFR-03-043 PDF File (1.72 MB)

OFR-03-043 PDF File (1.65 MB)
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