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Colorado Mineral Belt Revisited - An Analysis of New Data

By Anna Burack Wilson, and P.K. Sims

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-046

Version 1.0

The three accompanying plates were presented as a poster session at the Geological Society of America's National meeting, October 29, 2002, in Denver, Colorado. The maps are based on digital data sets of geology, mining districts, and mineral deposits (extensively revised, edited, and corrected, unpublished data compiled by Wilson, 2002) overlain on the Proterozoic basement map of Colorado interpreted from aeromagnetic data by Sims and others (2001).

Although much discussed in the literature, maps showing the detailed outline of the Colorado Mineral Belt are lacking. Based on detailed information on the location of the Tertiary intrusions and mineral deposits, and on the control provided by the Proterozoic structures, all superimposed using GIS data, a new outline of the Colorado Mineral Belt is proposed herein.

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