U.S. Geological Survey


Compiled by William D. Heran, Gregory N. Green, and Douglas B. Stoeser

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-247


Version 1.1

This report consists of a compilation of twelve digital geologic maps provided in ARC/INFO interchange (e00) format for the state of Oklahoma. The source maps consisted of nine USGS 1:250,000-scale quadrangle maps and three 1:125,000 scale county maps. This publication presents a digital composite of these data intact and without modification across quadrangle boundaries to resolve geologic unit discontinuities. An ESRI ArcView shapefile formatted version and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) plot file of the compiled digital map are also provided.
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Introduction PDF file (83 KB)
Description and purpose of this publication in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
Introduction DOC file (212 KB)
Description and purpose of this publication in Microsoft .doc format
OK_metadata TXT file (11 KB)
Metadata text file describing the ARC/INFO database
OK_map PDF file (19.74 MB) Graphic representation of the digital geologic map in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
OK_map Text-Only PDF file (70 KB) (This version of the report is accessible as defined in Section 508.)
OK_legend PDF file (311 KB) Geologic map unit descriptions in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
OK_legend DOC file (297 KB) Geologic map unit descriptions in Microsoft .doc format
OK_color TXT file (4 KB) Tab delineated text file of color values used for pdf plot file in cymk format
ESRI ARC/INFO [directory] Directory to download files
ArcView ESRI shapefile [directory] Directory to download files
GeoAge font [directory] Directory to download Truetype font for displaying geologic age symbols in OK_legend.doc

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