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A Catalog of Porosity and Permeability from Core Plugs in Siliciclastic Rocks

By Philip H. Nelson, and Joyce E. Kibler

Open-File Report 03-420

Version 1.0
Published 2004
Porosity and permeability measurements on cored samples from siliciclastic formations are presented for 70 data sets, taken from published data and descriptions.  Data sets generally represent specific formations, usually from a limited number of wells.  Each data set is represented by a written summary, a plot of permeability versus porosity, and a digital file of the data.  The summaries include a publication reference, the geologic age of the formation, location, well names, depth range, various geologic descriptions, and core measurement conditions.  Attributes such as grain size or depositional environment are identified by symbols on the plots.  An index lists the authors and date, geologic age, formation name, sandstone classification, location, basin or structural province, and field name.

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