Radiochemical and Chemical Constituents in Water from Selected Wells and Springs from the Southern Boundary of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory to the Hagerman Area, Idaho, 2002

Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey

Prepared in cooperation with the:

U.S. Department of Energy and

Idaho Department of Water Resources


U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Open-File Report 2004-1004


By Gordon W. Rattray and Linford J. Campbell, Idaho Department of Water Resources


Idaho Falls, Idaho

March 2004


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The U.S. Geological Survey, Idaho Department of Water Resources, and the State of Idaho INEEL Oversight Program, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy, sampled water from 17 sites as part of the sixth round of a long-term project to monitor water quality of the eastern Snake River Plain aquifer from the southern boundary of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory to the Hagerman area. The samples were collected from eight irrigation wells, three domestic wells, one stock well, one dairy well, one commercial well, one observation well, and two springs and analyzed for selected radiochemical and chemical constituents. One quality-assurance sample, a sequential replicate, also was collected and analyzed.

Many of the radionuclide and inorganic-constituent concentrations were greater than the reporting levels and most of the organic-constituent concentrations were less than the reporting levels. However, none of the reported radiochemical- or chemical-constituent concentrations exceeded the maximum contaminant levels for drinking water established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Statistical evaluation of the replicate sample pair indicated that, with 95 percent confidence, 132 of the 135 constituent concentrations of the replicate pair were equivalent.

Table of Contents



Geohydrologic Setting


Methods and quality assurance

Site selection

Sample containers and preservatives

Sample collection

Quality assurance

Radiochemical constituents



Gross alpha-particle radioactivity

Gross beta-particle radioactivity

Cesium-137 and potassium-40

Chemical constituents

Trace elements

Common ions


Purgeable organic compounds



Statistical equivalency of the replicate pair of samples


Selected references

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