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Coastal Classification Atlas

Northwestern Panhandle of Florida Coastal Classification Maps - St. Andrew Bay Entrance Channel to Perdido Pass

USGS Open File Report 2004-1217

Robert A. Morton, Russell L. Peterson, Tara L. Miller

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Introduction || City: Orange Beach | Perdido Bay | Fort Barrancas | Gulf Breeze | Oriole Beach | South of Holley | Holley/South of Holley | Navarre | Mary Esther | Fort Walton Beach | Destin | Choctaw Beach/Miramar Beach | Miramar Beach | Grayton Beach | Point Washington | Seminole Hills/Laguna Beach | Laguna Beach | Panama City Beach | Panama City

Coastal Classification Map Introduction

Each map shows an area with the coastal classifications marked as color bars along the shoreline. Below is an example map of Miramar Beach NE. To find out more about how the classification system works, see the Coastal Classifications section. At the bottom of the page is a clickable index map that will take you to the other maps.

Example Coastal Classification map for Miramar Beach NE.
Example Coastal Classification map for Miramar Beach NE.

index map
1. Orange Beach SE
2. Perdido Bay SW
3. Perdido Bay SE
4. Fort Barrancas NW/SW
5. Fort Barrancas NE
6. Gulf Breeze NW
7. Gulf Breeze NE
8. Oriole Beach NW
9. Oriole Beach NE
10. South of Holley NW
11. Holley SE/South of Holley NE
12. Navarre SW
13. Navarre SE
14. Mary Esther SW
15. Mary Esther SE
16. Fort Walton Beach SW
17. Fort Walton Beach SE
18. Destin SW
19. Destin SE
20. Choctaw Beach SW/Miramar Beach NW
21. Miramar Beach NE
22. Grayton Beach NW
23. Grayton Beach NE
24. Point Washington NW/SW
25. Point Washington SE
26. Seminole Hills SW/Laguna Beach NW
27. Laguna Beach NE
28. Panama City Beach NW/SW
29. Panama City Beach SE
30. Panama City SW
Clickable Index Map. Use the index map above to navigate to the different coastal areas.

Mary Esther SEOrange Beach SEPanama City SWPanama City Beach SEPanama City Beach NW/SWLaguna Beach NESeminole Hills SW/Laguna Beach NWPoint Washington SEPoint Washington NW/SWGrayton Beach NEGrayton Beach NWMiramar Beach NEChoctaw Beach SW/Miramar Beach NWDestin SEDestin SWFort Walton Beach SEFort Walton Beach SWMary Esther SWNavarre SENavarre SWHolley SE/South of Holley NESouth of Holley NWOriole Beach NEOriole Beach NWGulf Breeze NEGulf Breeze NWFort Barrancas NEFort Barrancas NW/SWPerdido Bay SEPerdido Bay SW Coastal & Marine Geology Program > Coastal Classification Mapping Project > Open File Report 2004-1217

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