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Open-File Report 2004-1252
Version 1.0

Digital Files for Northeast Asia Geodynamics, Mineral Deposit Location, and Metallogenic Belt Maps, Stratigraphic Columns, Descriptions of Map Units, and Descriptions of Metallogenic Belts

Edited by Warren J. Nokleberg, Gombosuren Badarch, Nikolai A Berzin, Michael F. Diggles, Duk Hwan Hwang, Alexander I. Khanchuk, Robert J. Miller, Vera V. Naumova, Alexander A. Obolenskiy, Masatsugu Ogasawara, Leonid M. Parfenov, Andrei V. Prokopiev, Sergey M. Rodionov, and Hongquan Yan


Prepared in collaboration with Russian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Jilin University, Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, and Geological Survey of Japan

thumbnail of map
Generalized geodynamic map of northeast Asia

This is the online version of a CD-ROM publication. It contains all of the data that are on the disc but extra files have been removed: index files, software installers, and Windows autolaunch files.

This publication contains a a series of files for Northeast Asia geodynamics, mineral deposit location, and metallogenic belt maps descriptions of map units and metallogenic belts, and stratigraphic columns. This region includes Eastern Siberia, Russian Far East, Mongolia, Northeast China, South Korea, and Japan. The files include: (1) a geodynamics map at a scale of 1:5,000,000; (2) page-size stratigraphic columns for major terranes; (3) a generalized geodynamics map at a scale of 1:15,000,000; (4) a mineral deposit location map at a scale of 1:7,500,000; (5) metallogenic belt maps at a scale of 1:15,000,000; (6) detailed descriptions of geologic units with references; (7) detailed descriptions of metallogenic belts with references; and (8) summary mineral deposit and metallogenic belt tables. The purpose of this publication is to provide high-quality, digital graphic files for maps and figures, and Word files for explanations, descriptions, and references to customers and users.

Download the main text for this report as a PDF file (of2004-1252.pdf; 440 KB)

Go to the columns folder: This directory contains stratigraphic columns for the 179 tectonostratigraphic terranes of NE Asia (11.6 MB).

Go to the generalized_map folder: This directory contains files for a generalized NE Asia Geodynamics Map at a scale of 1:15,00,000, when printed on appropriate size media. (13.8 MB).

Go to the geodynamics_map folder: This directory contains files for the NE Asia Geodynamics Map at a scale of 1:5,000,000. Also included are files with descriptions of geologic units, including tectonostratigraphic terranes, cratons, major melange zones, and overlap assemblages, and references. (99.2 MB).

Go to the metallog_belt_map folder: This directory contains files for a series of mineral deposit location map (sheet 1), and twelve metallogenic belt maps on three sheets (sheets 2-4) of NE Asia. The mineral deposit location map is at a scale of 1:7,500,000, and the metallogenic belt maps are at a scale of 1:15,000,000. The mineral deposit location and metallogenic belts maps are depicted on an underlying NE Asia Generalized Geodynamics Map. Also included are: (1) a file with a summary table of mineral deposits; (and 2) files with descriptions of metallogenic belts and references, and a summary metallogenic belt table. (213.8 MB).

Go to the projmat folder: This directory contains NE Asia project materials, including the project emblem, and pamphlets for NE Asia and previous projects. (4.5 MB).

Open the readme file from the CD-ROM-version of this publication (16 KB).

For questions about the content of this report, contact Warren Nokleberg

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