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Open-File Report 2004-1271
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Soil Data from Picea mariana Stands near Delta Junction, Alaska of Different Ages and Soil Drainage Type

By Kristen L. Manies, Jennifer W. Harden, Steven R. Silva, Paul H. Briggs, and Brian M. Schmid

map of area near
Location of sites in relation to Delta Junction, Alaska.

The U.S. Geological Survey project Fate of Carbon in Alaskan Landscapes (FOCAL) is studying the effect of fire and soil drainage on soil carbon storage in the boreal forest. This project has selected several sites to study within central Alaska of varying ages (time since fire) and soil drainage types. This report describes the location of these sampling sites, as well as the procedures used to describe, sample, and analyze the soils. This report also contains data tables with this information, including, but not limited to field descriptions, bulk density, particle size distribution, moisture content, carbon (C) concentration, nitrogen (N) concentration, isotopic data for C, and major, minor and trace elemental concentration.

PDF Files

Download this report as a 19-page PDF document (228 KB)

Download Delta file descriptions as a 13-page PDF document (40 KB)

Download Delta site descriptions as an 8-page PDF document (60 KB)

Excel Files

Download Delta_Chemistry.xls as an Excel document (76 KB)

Download Delta_Field.xls as an Excel document (104 KB)

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Download Delta_Suppl_Chemistry.xls as an Excel document (248 KB)

Download Delta_Transects.xls as an Excel document (168 KB)

For questions about the content of this report, contact Kristen Manies.

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