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PUBLICATIONS—Open-File Report 2004-1317

Water-quality Data from two Agricultural Drainage Basins in Northwestern Indiana and Northeastern Illinois: I. Lagrangian and Synoptic Data, 1999-2002

By  Ronald C. Antweiler, Richard L. Smith, Mary A. Voytek, John-Karl Böhlke and Kevin D. Richards

Open-File Report 2004-1317

Revised October 2005

This report is also available as a pdf.


    Methods of data collection and results of analyses are presented for Lagrangian and synoptic water-quality data collected from two agricultural drainages, the Iroquois River in northwestern Indiana and Sugar Creek in northwestern Indiana and northeastern Illinois. During six separate sampling trips, in April, June and September 1999, May 2000, September 2001 and April 2002, 152 discrete water samples were collected to characterize the water chemistry over the course of 2 to 4 days on each of these drainages. Data were collected for nutrients, major inorganic constituents, dissolved organic carbon, trace elements, dissolved gases, total bacterial cell counts, chlorophyll-a concentrations, and suspended sediment concentrations. In addition, field measurements of streamflow, pH, specific conductance, water temperature, and dissolved oxygen concentration were made during all trips except April 1999.



Conversion Factors



    Purpose and Scope 


    Sampling Locations 

    Sampling Times and Types 

Methods of Collection 

    Composite Samples 

    Grab Samples

    Processing of Samples 

Methods of Analysis


    Anions and DOC

    Major Cations, Silica and Trace Elements

    Dissolved Gases     

    Total Bacterial Cell Counts 


    Suspended Sediment 

Quality Control/Quality Assurance 

    Accuracy and Precision

    Field Blanks

Lagrangian and Synoptic Water-Quality Results


References Cited


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