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Open-File Report 2004-1345

Modeling of the Climax Stock and Related Plutons Based on the Inversion of Magnetic data, Southwest Nevada

By Geoffrey A. Phelps, Robert C. Jachens, Barry C. Moring, and Carter W. Roberts


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Two models of the Climax and Gold Meadows stocks were generated using a new method of magnetic inversion modeling based on the pseudogravity anomaly. The first model examined the shape of the two stocks and their connection at depth, concluding that the stocks are connected -4000 m below the ground surface. The second model reexamined the shape and depth of the Climax stock using a two-layer model and new magnetic data collected from drill hole ER-8-1. Existing and new magnetic data support a model of a zoned pluton with increasing magnetization with depth. A model of a zoned pluton was generated and adjusted to fit the magnetic anomaly measured over the stock. The model has an upper layer that extends to a depth of 1,700 m and is magnetized at 0.06 A/m, and a lower layer that extends to a maximum depth of 7,600 m and is magnetized at 0.17 A/m. The model matches the outcrop data, but was unable to match the intercept of the Climax stock from drill hole ER-8-1.



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