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Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements of Cretaceous Outcrop Samples from the Wyoming Thrustbelt, Southwestern Wyoming

By Mark Pawlewicz and Mark Kirschbaum

Open-File Report 2004–1360
Version 1.0
Published 2004
Eleven outcrop samples from the Wyoming thrustbelt region in southwestern Wyoming were collected for analysis as part of the U.S. Geological Survey’s ongoing oil and gas assessment project for selected basins in the western United States. The samples are all Cretaceous in age. Latitude and longitude data were obtained with a global positioning system unit. The lithology of these samples is either mudstone or coal. The samples were examined with a reflected light microscope to determine their degree of thermal maturity by vitrinite reflectance. Sample quality and abundance of organic matter were good except for one mudstone where the presence of organic matter was reduced because of its lithology.

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