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Whole Rock Geochemical Data For Paleozoic Sedimentary Rocks of the Western Brooks Range, Alaska

John F. Slack, Jeanine M. Schmidt, and Julie A. Dumoulin

Index map of Brooks Range study area in Alaska   This report presents geochemical analyses for 210 unaltered and unmineralized rock samples of Paleozoic age in the western Brooks Range of northern Alaska. These data form the basis for a study by Slack and others (2004a) on the provenance and depositional history of the Paleozoic strata, and on their metallogenic significance relative to the formation of large stratabound Zn-Pb-Ag deposits in the Red Dog mining district. Principal rock types that were analyzed include shale, siltstone, sandstone, chert, bedded siliceous rock, and calcareous radiolarite; selected samples of limestone, phosphate, and argillite, and one siderite concretion, were also analyzed. Note that the phosphate samples are from the central Brooks Range, east of the Red Dog district. The geochemical analyses are presented here in Microsoft Excel™ and .dbf (part of .zip file) formats in order to facilitate calculations and plotting of data. A related geochemical database on altered and mineralized rocks in the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag district is available in Slack and others (2004b).

GIS data package [96K ZIP file; includes shapefile]
Excel spread sheet

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