South Carolina Aeromagnetic and Gravity Maps and Data:

A Web Site for Distribution of Data

By   David L. Daniels 

Open-File Report 2005-1022

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Composite aeromagnetic anomaly map of South Carolina land and offshore areas at a simulated flight altitude of 1000 feet above ground or ocean (East illumination). Click on map to view larger image (1.0 MB).

Composite residual aeromagnetic anomaly map of South Carolina and offshore areas

Grids for this map in several formats are available by using the "Get Data..." button.

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Abstract: This web site gives the results of a USGS project to acquire the best available, public-domain, aeromagnetic and gravity data in the Eastern United States and merge into a uniform, composite grid for each state (link to other USGS state web sites). Files of state aeromagnetic and gravity grids and images are available for downloading. The results for South Carolina are presented here. This project was supported by the Mineral Resource Program of the USGS.

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