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Virginia Aeromagnetic Index Map and Data Table

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Virginia Aeromagnetic Data Index Map

Note: The small unlabeled green areas in the northeastern part of the state are all part of Project No. 350.

The Virginia aeromagnetic compilation map contains data from 23 separate aeromagnetic surveys and digitized maps. This map is an index to the location and flight line spacing of the original surveys. The tabular index below provides a summary of the data sources. References are listed in the bibliography. Selected digital data are available from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), Boulder, Colorado.  Files of digitized analog surveys may be downloaded from the USGS site: Digital flight line data for most surveys flown since about 1973 are available from the USGS site:


Table of Virginia Aeromagnetic Surveys

Survey Name
Flown By
Date Flown
0134 M-A Fairfax USGS 02/48 0.25 mi. N-S 500 AG Adv.Geoph.v.1
0350 M/R-A Ft. Belvoir ARMS USGS 02/60-05/60 1 mi. E-W 500 AG Unpublished
0352 M-A Spotsylvania '60 USGS 05/60 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG GP-386-389
0370 M-A Quantico Detail USGS 04/60 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG GP-390
0532 M-A Spotsylvania '64 USGS 01/64 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG GSA Bull. v. 81
0647 M-A Milton-Roxboro USGS 08/68 0.5 mi. E-W 400 AG GP-745-746
1138 M/R-D Frederick-Washington South USGS 07/89-08/89 0.125 mi. E-W 500 AG Unpublished
1139 M/R-D Frederick-Washington North USGS 08/89 0.125 mi. E-W 500 AG Unpublished
3010 M-A Southeast Virginia Geoterrex 04/72-05/72 2 mi. E-W 500 AG OF 72-389
3068 M/R-A Dahlgren LKB 06/75 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG Unpublished
3076 M/R-D Fairfax County LKB 07/75-09/75 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG OF 80-813
4156 M/R-D Danville BGM 03/94 0.5 mi. E-W 400 AG OF 94-219
VA04 M-A Southwest Virginia Aero 02/62-04/62 1.5 mi. NW-SE 5000 B VA Map H
VA05 M/R-A Southwest Piedmont Aero 06/65 0.5 mi. NW-SE 500 AG VA Map G
VA06 M-A South-central Piedmont Scintrex 04/69-05/69 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG VA Map F
VA07 M-A Roanoke Quad. LKB 04/70-05/70 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG VA Map E
VA08 M-A Piedmont Areas LKB 03/71-04/71 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG VA Map B
VA09 M-A Western Virginia LKB 04/72-06/72 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG VA Maps C&D
VA10 M-A Appalachian Strip LKB 04/72-06/72 3 mi. E-W 5000 B VA Maps C&D
VA16 M/R-D S.-Central Piedmont Rad (R5) GeoMet. 05/80 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG Unpublished
VA17 M/R-D Southern Piedmont Rad (R7) GeoMet. 05/81 0.5 mi. E-W 500 AG Unpublished
VA18 M/R-D Culpeper Basin GeoMet. 05/81 0.75 mi. E-W 500 AG VA P-41
VA19 M-A Virginia Hot Dry Rock Airmag 02/80-03/80 1 mi. N-S 1000 AG Los Alamos 78-356

Description of Table:

Survey No.: Internal USGS identification number
Survey Type: M = magnetics; R = radiometrics; D = digital data; A = digitized analog data
Survey Name: Internal project name (not always the name used in publication title)
Flown By: Company or government agency who flew the original survey
Spacing and Dir.: Primary flight-line spacing and primary flight-line direction
Altitude: Primary flight altitude in feet; B = barometric elevation, AG = above ground draped over topography
Publication: Brief publication reference. USGS publications are listed as: Open-File reports = OF xx-yyyy where xx is the publication year and yyyy is the publication number, Geophysical Maps = GP-yyyy, Unpublished = unpublished data (refers to all or part of the original project area).


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