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Open-File Report 2005–1054
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Magnetotelluric Data Across the Pajarito Fault, West of Santa Fe, New Mexico

By Jackie M. Williams and Brian D. Rodriguez

thumbnail image of figure 1 in report: index map of survey area

The Santa Fe region is rapidly growing. The Santa Fe Group aquifer, east of the Pajarito Fault, in the EspaƱola Basin is the main source of municipal water for the region, and water shortfalls could have serious consequences. Future growth and land management in the region depend on accurate assessment and protection of the region's ground-water resources. An important issue in managing the ground-water resources is a better understanding of the hydrogeology of the Santa Fe Group, the sedimentary deposits that fill the Rio Grande rift and contain the principal ground-water aquifers.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is doing a series of multidisciplinary studies of the EspaƱola Basin in northern New Mexico. Detailed geologic mapping, high-resolution airborne magnetic surveys, electromagnetic surveys, and hydrologic, lithologic, and hydrogeochemical data are being used to better understand the aquifer systems. A magnetotelluric (MT) survey was done as part of these studies. The primary purpose of the MT survey was to map changes in electrical resistivity with depth that are related to lithologic variations important to the critical aquifers across the Pajarito Fault. The purpose of this report is to release the MT sounding data; no interpretation of the data is included.

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Posted October 2005

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