Map Showing Nevada and Eastern Sierra Sites





This figure shows the intensity sites in eastern California and Nevada described in the section "East of the Sierra Nevada." This section contains separate contributions from G.D. Louderback and J.A. Reid. The intensity assigned to the site is indicated by the color of the surrounding dot. The site list in the Louderback contribution is divided into a northern and a southern set of sites.  Louderback traveled through Nevada and person­ally interviewed people in towns from Reno to Winnemucca, in an attempt to determine the eastern limit of the earthquake felt area. The ordering of the northern set of intensity sites is indicated by the shaded line that runs from Round Hole to Winnemucca. The four candidate locations for the Fairview site are shown as small yellow circles with the county labeled: the location near Fairview Peak in Churchill County is clearly the most appropriate. The ordering of the southern set of sites is indicated by the shaded line that runs from Hawthorne to Keeler. The reports from these sites have been obtained from corre­spon­dence rather than personal interviews. In particular, the report from Eureka was obtained from correspondence and cannot be corroborated: we have drawn the shaded line for the southern set of sites through it because it is included in Lawson’s list, but we have assigned an intensity. J.A. Reid gives felt reports for 12 sites mostly in Washoe County, but also includes a felt report from Paradise Valley, 20 miles north of Winnemucca.