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Automated Extraction of Coastal Dune High and Dune Low from High Resolution Lidar Digital Elevation Models

Kristy K. Guy

Open File Report 2005-1344

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USGS Open-File Report 2005-1344
An automated method of extracting dune high (Dhi) and dune low (Dlo) from lidar DEMs has been developed for use on the sandy Southeast and Gulf coasts of the United States. The method has been written into an Arc AML script that runs from a command line in ArcInfo Workstation, a popular GIS software product. The output are GIS ready Dhi and Dlo point shapefiles that include several attributes that can assist in post-processing editing as well as elevation. This report, USGS Open File Report 2005-1344, explains the auto_dhidlo.aml script, contains the script itself, and serves as its users' guide.

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