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Open-File Report 2005–1348
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View_SPECPR Software, Installation Procedure, and User’s Guide (Version 1.1)

By Raymond F. Kokaly

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This document describes the installation procedure and use of the “View_SPECPR” IDL (Interactive Data Language) program to display the contents of SPECPR (SPECtrum Processing Routines) files within ENVI (ENvironment for Visualizing Images). SPECPR files are used by earth-remote-sensing scientists and planetary scientists for storing spectra collected by laboratory, field, and remote sensing instruments. An example is the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) spectral library that contains thousands of spectra of minerals, vegetation, and man-made materials. SPECPR files contain reflectance data and associated wavelength and spectral resolution data, as well as meta data on the time and date of collection and spectrometer settings. Furthermore, the SPECPR file automatically tracks changes to data records through its “history” functions. This program was designed for full ENVI 4.1/IDL6.1 licenses on Windows XP operating systems and requires the installation of the iTools components of IDL6.1; however, this program should work with full licenses on UNIX/LINUX systems and “runtime” licenses of ENVI on Windows XP operating systems. This software has not been tested with ENVI licenses on Apple Mac Operating Systems.

Version 1.0

Posted January 2006

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Contains: A zipped file of the IDL programs and associated files needed to run the View_SPECPR software in ENVI. logo