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Open-File Report 2005-1350
Version 1.0

Log of Trench 04A Across the Hayward Fault at Tyson's Lagoon (Tule Pond), Fremont, Alameda County, California

By James J. Lienkaemper, Patrick L. Williams, Robert R. Sickler, and Thomas E. Fumal

2005, revised 2008

photo of wall of trench showing offsets


This publication makes available a detailed trench log (sheets 1 and 2) of a 110-m trench we excavated in 2004 across a tectonic sag pond in the Hayward fault zone. Also included are revised stratigraphic unit descriptions from this fifth field season of subsurface investigation of the Hayward fault at Tyson's Lagoon (Tule Pond). Preliminary findings based on fieldwork done in 2000 have been published (Lienkaemper and others: data archive, 2002a; report, 2002b), as were the logs and data for 2001-2003 (Lienkaemper and others, 2003, L03). A continuous exposure of the geologic section across the entire pond made in 2004 (Fig. 1, 04A) has revealed some critical miscorrelations of units made in the original on-line version of L03, hence users of these earlier trench data should only use the 2005 revised version 2.0 of L03 for correlation purposes. Lienkaemper, Williams, and Sickler interpreted the geology and logged the trenches. Fumal did most of the trench photography.

The Hayward fault is recognized to be among the most hazardous in the United States (Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities, 2003). Establishing a chronology of prehistoric or paleoearthquakes is of immediate use in resolving the likelihood of future large earthquakes Hayward fault. This document makes available geologic evidence for historical and prehistoric surface-rupturing earthquakes preserved at the site. A second, formal report on our conclusions based on these data is in preparation.

Sheet 1 - Logs of Trench 04A and location & site maps as a 26.5" x 29" PDF file (of2005-1350sh1.pdf; 4.4 MB)

Sheet 2 - Logs of Trench 04A as a 33" x 40" PDF file (of2005-1350sh2.pdf; 7.3 MB)

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For questions about the content of this report, contact Jim Lienkaemper

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