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A Computer Program (ZONECONC) for Tabulating Concentration Statistics Using Results from the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Three-Dimensional Ground-Water Flow and Transport Model

By P.T. Harte


U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2005-1422



The body of the report is available in PDF Format ( 4,394 KB)

The ZONECONC software is available for downloading at


The computer program, called ZONECONC, tabulates concentration data using the results from the U.S. Geological Survey Modular Three-Dimensional Ground-Water Flow and Solute-Transport Model (MODFLOW-GWT). ZONECONC uses concentration data saved by MODFLOW-GWT in order to tabulate concentration-data statistics by zones of a ground-water-flow model. Zones are three-dimensional volumes of a flow model that are designated by zone numbers. The user assigns a zone number for each cell in the model either interactively by rectangular blocks or from an externally created zone file. ZONECONC allows for post processing of concentration data from MODFLOW-GWT in a quick and easy manner by tabulating zonal statistics to identify trends in concentrations. This report documents the design and use of ZONECONC; included are applications and three examples of the use of ZONECONC from a variety of MODFLOW-GWT model results.







Functional Design

Structure of the Program

Instructions for Using the Program

Input Instructions to Create Zones Interactively in ZONECONC

Input Instructions for Using an External Zone File


References Cited

Appendix 1. Example of ZONECONC with Solute-Transport Model of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Site, Colo

Appendix 2. Example of ZONECONC with Solute-Transport Model of a Hypothetical Barrier Wall

Appendix 3. Example of ZONECONC with Steady-State Solute-Transport Model of the Savage Superfund Site, Milford, N.H.


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