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Open-File Report 2005–1438
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Seismic Noise Analysis System Using Power Spectral Density Probability Density Functions—A Stand-Alone Software Package

By D. E. McNamara and R.I. Boaz1

1 Boaz Consultancy

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In this U.S. Geological Survey open-file report, we detail the methods and installation procedures for a stand-alone noise analysis software package. The noise analysis system is based on the calculation of the distribution of power spectral density using a probability density function. Following the successful implementation of the noise analysis system, at both the Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology Data management system in Seattle, Washington, and the Advanced National Seismic System Data Collection Center in Golden, Colorado, we the system will be available to the seismic community in a stand-alone form. This will allow users in the broader seismic community the opportunity to perform their own analyses on data sets not held by either of these two data centers. Potential users might include regional earthquake monitoring network operators, portable experiment investigators and researchers and students interested in the quality and noise characteristics of a particular data set. Results from this noise analysis display the frequency dependent power distribution of the entire data set and are useful for characterizing the performance of existing broadband stations, for detecting operational problems, and for learning about sources of seismic noise within a data set.

This report is divided in two sections. Section I describes how to acquire the noise analysis software system and details data preparation and processing as well as the noise analysis calculations and methods. Section II is a detailed description of the software system. It will be useful to users interested in detailed installation instructions and a complete description of the system directory structure and operations.

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Posted January 2006

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