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Open-File Report 2005-1453
Version 1.0

Locations and Descriptions of Gravity, Box, and Push Cores Collected in San Francisco Bay Between January and February, 1990 and 1991

By Roberto J. Anima, H. Edward Clifton, Carol Reiss, and Florence L. Wong


thumbnail view of map showing San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

A project to study San Francisco Bay sediments collected over 300 sediment gravity cores; six push cores, and three box cores in San Francisco Bay during the years 1990-91. The purpose of the sampling effort is to establish a database on the Holocene sediment history of the bay. The samples described and mapped are the first effort to catalog and present the data collected. Thus far the cores have been utilized in various cooperative studies with state colleges and universities, and other USGS divisions. These cores serve as a base for ongoing multidisciplinary studies. The sediment studies project has initiated subsequent coring efforts within the bay using refined coring techniques to attain deeper cores.

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