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Open-File Report 2006–1018
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Locatable Mineral Reports for Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming provided to the U.S.D.A. Forest Service in Fiscal Years 2003-2005

By Anna B. Wilson


The U.S. Geological Survey is required by Congress (under Public Law 86-509) to provide Locatable Mineral Reports to the U.S.D.A. Forest Service whenever National Forest System lands are sold or exchanged. This volume is a compilation of the reports already provided to the Forest Service by the author in fiscal years 2003-2005 (October 2002 - September 2005). Altogether, the reports describe the geology and locatable mineral resource potential of 74 properties offered in 15 land exchange proposals. Approximately 16,207 acres were evaluated: 9,176 acres in 31 Federal parcels and 7,031 acres in 43 non-Federal parcels. The parcels are located in 13 National Forests and three National Grasslands in three States.

Fifteen reports are included in this volume. They are grouped by State, then alphabetically by Forest. Each starts with a cover letter and title page. Geologic descriptions of properties, their mineral potential, and references comprise the main body of each report. Legal descriptions (either verbatim or paraphrased from descriptions supplied by the Forest Service) of the property locations are included as attachments designated Exhibits A and B. Also included as attachments are the report request from the U.S.D.A. Forest Service and any index maps, geologic maps, or other figures or illustrations that are provided for the convenience of the Forest Service minerals examiner. The original page numbers for each individual report are retained, the larger number at the bottom of each page is the pagination for this volume.

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Posted February 2006

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