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OFR 2006-1021


Surface-Water Quality-Assurance Plan for the Tallahassee Office, U.S. Geological Survey

Stewart A. Tomlinson


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      Purpose and Scope
            Office Chief, Tallahassee Office
            Chief of Hydrologic Surveillance (Data Chief)
            Chief of Hydrologic Studies and Chief of Georgia-Florida NAWQA Program
            Surface-Water Specialist
            Senior Hydrologic Technician
            Field Personnel
            Automated Data Processing System Database Administrator
Collection of Surface-Water Data
      Gage Installation and Maintenance
      Measurement of Stage
      Gage Documents
      Site Documentation
            Station Descriptions
      Current-Meter Discharge Measurements
            Depth Criteria for Meter Selection
            Criteria for Sounding-Weight Selection
            Number of Measurement Subsections
            Computation of Mean Gage Height
            Check Measurements
            Corrections for Storage
            Field Notes
            Acceptable Equipment
            Spin Tests
            Alternative Equipment
            Other Direct Methods of Measuring Discharge
      Indirect Measurements
      Crest-Stage Gages
      Artificial Controls
      Flood Conditions
      Low-Flow Conditions
      Cold-Weather Conditions
Processing and Analysis of Stage and Surface-Water Data
      Measurements and Field Notes
      Continuous Record
      Procedures for Computing, Reviewing, and Publishing Records
            Gage Height
            Datum Corrections, Gage-height Corrections, and Shifts
            Station Analysis
            Furnished Records
            Daily Values Table
            Manuscript and Annual Report
      Crest-Stage Gages
      Real-Time Data
            Error Handling
            Data Qualification Statements
      Office Setting
            Work Plan
            File Folders for Surface-water Stations
            Field Trip Folders
            Station Analyses and Descriptions
            Discontinued Stations
            Map Files
Publication and Review of Surface-water Data Reports
      Types of Publications
      Annual Data Report
      Publication Policy
References Cited
Appendix A.  Water Resources Division and Office of Surface-Water Memorandums Cited
Appendix B.  Tallahassee Office Note Sheets for Recording Surface-Water Data


     This Tallahassee Office Surface-Water Quality-Assurance Plan documents the standards, policies, and procedures used by the Tallahassee Office for activities related to the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and publication of surface-water data. This plan serves as a guide to all Tallahassee Office personnel involved in surface-water data activities, and changes as the needs and requirements of the Tallahassee Office, Florida Integrated Science Center, and Water Discipline change. Reg­ular updates to this Plan represent an integral part of the quality-assurance process. In the Tallahassee Office, direct oversight and responsibility by the employee(s) assigned to a surface-water station, combined with team approaches in all work efforts, assure high-quality data, analyses, reviews, and reports for cooperating agencies and the public.

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Tomlinson, S.A., 2005, Surface-Water Quality-Assurance Plan for the Tallahassee Office, U.S. Geological Survey: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2006-1021, 40 p.

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