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Open-File Report 2006-1036
Version 1.0

Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Mineralogy of Los Angeles Basin Core Samples

By James R. Hein, Brandie R. McIntyre, Brian D. Edwards, and Orion I. Lakota


thumbnail view of map showing offshore LA basin

This report contains X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis of mineralogy for 81 sediment samples from cores taken from three drill holes in the Los Angeles Basin in 2000-2001. We analyzed 26 samples from Pier F core, 29 from Pier C core, and 26 from the Webster core. These three sites provide an offshore-onshore record across the Southern California coastal zone. This report is designed to be a data repository; these data will be used in further studies, including geochemical modeling as part of the CABRILLO project. Summary tables quantify the major mineral groups, whereas detailed mineralogy is presented in three appendices. The rationale, methodology, and techniques are described in the following paper.

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