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Open-File Report 2006–1053

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Characterization of Organic Matter in Lake Sediments from Minnesota and Yellowstone National Park

By Walter E. Dean

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Open-File Report
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Samples of sediment from lakes in Minnesota and Yellowstone National Park (YNP) were analyzed for organic carbon (OC), hydrogen richness by Rock-Eval pyrolysis, and stable carbon- and nitrogen-isotope composition of bulk organic matter. Values of δ13C of lake plankton tend to be around –28 to –32 parts per thousand (‰). Organic matter with values of δ13C in the high negative 20s overlap with those of organic matter derived from C3 higher terrestrial plants but are at least 10‰ more depleted in 13C than organic matter derived from C4 terrestrial plants. If the organic matter is produced mainly by photosynthetic plankton and is not oxidized in the water column, there may be a negative correlation between H-richness...>>MORE

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Posted May 2006

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