Open-File Report 2006–1058

Open-File Report 2006–1058

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Table 3. Withdrawals from the N aquifer by well system, Black Mesa area, Arizona, 2004.

[Withdrawals, in acre-feet, are from flowmeter measurements. BIA, Bureau of Indian Affairs; NTUA, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority; USGS, U.S. Geological Survey; Peabody, Peabody Western Coal Company; Hopi, Hopi Village Administrations]

Well system
(one or more wells)
Owner Source
of data
Chilchinbito BIA USGS/BIA 2.3  
Dennehotso BIA USGS/BIA   22.0
Hopi High School BIA USGS/BIA 44.0  
Hotevilla BIA USGS/BIA 24.0  
Kayenta BIA USGS/BIA 47.0  
Keams Canyon BIA USGS/BIA 62.6  
Low Mountain BIA USGS/BIA 10  
Piñon BIA USGS/BIA 10  
Red Lake BIA USGS/BIA   7.0
Rocky Ridge BIA USGS/BIA 17.1  
Rough Rock BIA USGS/BIA 24.6  
Second Mesa BIA USGS/BIA 3.9  
Shonto BIA USGS/BIA   179.6
Tuba City BIA USGS/BIA   133.8
Chilchinbito NTUA USGS/NTUA 37.2  
Dennehotso NTUA USGS/NTUA   45.9
Forest Lake NTUA USGS/NTUA 9.9  
Hard Rock NTUA USGS/NTUA 37.5  
Kayenta NTUA USGS/NTUA 376.1  
Kits’iili NTUA USGS/NTUA 23.9  
Piñon NTUA USGS/NTUA 305.5  
Red Lake NTUA USGS/NTUA   43.3
Rough Rock NTUA USGS/NTUA 7.4  
Shonto NTUA USGS/NTUA   16.0
Shonto Junction NTUA USGS/NTUA   80.9
Tuba City NTUA USGS/NTUA   960.9
Mine Well Field Peabody Peabody 24,372  
Bacavi Hopi USGS/Hopi 21.3  
Hopi Civic Center Hopi USGS/Hopi 4.9  
Hopi Cultural Center Hopi USGS/Hopi 6.7  
Kykotsmovi Hopi USGS/Hopi 62.4  
Mishongnovi Hopi USGS/Hopi 6.1  
Moenkopi Hopi USGS/Hopi   92.4
Polacca Hopi USGS/Hopi 357.1  
Shipaulovi Hopi USGS/Hopi 19.7  
Shungopovi Hopi USGS/Hopi 37.8  

1Well taken out of service.

2Industrial pumpage.

3Estimated. Well PM4 not metered. Annual pumpage from PM4 was estimated as 40 acre-ft on the basis of previous metered data and a per capita consumption of 40 gallons per day. Pumping from the remaining wells (PM5 and PM6) may include some water from the D aquifer.

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For more information about USGS activities in Arizona, visit the USGS Arizona Water Science Center home page.

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