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Open-File Report 2006–1063

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Prepared in cooperation with the Republic of the Philippines Department of Energy

The Republic of the Philippines Coalbed Methane Assessment: Based on Seventeen High Pressure Methane Adsorption Isotherms

By Romeo M. Flores, Gary D. Stricker, Ramon F. Papasin, Ronaldo R. Pendon, Rogelio A. del Rosario, Ruel T. Malapitan, Michael S. Pastor, Elmer A. Altomea, Federico Cuaresma, Armando S. Malapitan, Benjamin R. Mortos, and Elizabeth N. Tilos

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Open-File Report
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The Republic of the Philippines has some 19 coal districts that contain coal deposits ranging from Eocene to Pleistocene in age. These coal districts include: (1) Catanduanes (Eocene); (2) Cebu, Zamboanga Sibuguey, Bukidnon, Maguindanao, Sarangani, and Surigao (Oligocene to Miocene); (3) Batan Island, Masbate, Semirara (including Mindoro), and Quezon-Polilio (lower-upper Miocene); (4) Davao, Negros, and Sorsogon (middle-upper Miocene); (5) Cotabato (lower Miocene-lower Pliocene), Cagayan-Isabella, and Quirino (upper Miocene-Pliocene); (6) Sultan Kudarat (upper Miocene-Pleistocene); and (7) Samar-Leyte (lower Pliocene-Pleistocene). In general, coal rank is directly related to the age of the deposits – for example, the Eocene coal is semi-anthracite and the...>>MORE

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Posted March 2006

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