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Open-File Report 2006-1131
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Water and Sediment Chemical Data and Data Summary for Samples Collected in 1999 and 2001 in the Goodpaster River Basin, Big Delta B-2 Quadrangle, Alaska

By Bronwen Wang, Larry Gough, Richard Wanty, Jim Vohden, Jim Crock, and Warren Day

thumbnail view of map showing that the Big Delta B-2 quad is northeast of the town of Big Delta and southeast of Fairbanks

We report the chemical analysis for water and sediment collected from the Big Delta B-2 quadrangle. These data are part of a study located in the Big Delta B-2 quadrangle that focused on the integration of geology and bedrock geochemistry on with the biogeochemistry of water, sediments, soil, and vegetation. The discovery of the Pogo lode gold deposit in the northwest corner of the quadrangle was the impetus for this study. The study objectives were to create a geologic map, evaluate the bedrock geochemical influence on the geochemical signature of the surficial environment, and define landscape-level predevelopment geochemical baselines. Important to baseline development is an evaluation of what, if any, geochemical difference exists between the mineralized and non-mineralized areas within a watershed or between mineralized and non-mineralized watersheds. The analytic results for the bedrock, soils, and vegetation are reported elsewhere. Presented here, with minimal interpretation, is the analytic data for the water and sediment samples collected in the summers of 1999 and 2001, and a summary statistics of these analyses.

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For questions about the content of this report, contact Bronwen Wang.

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